About Me

Freelance Graphic Designer

I’m a senior Freelance Graphic Designer based in East London with years of design experience. I work with businesses on various levels from corporate brands, to start-up enterprises and charities. Some of the companies that I have worked for are Tesco, Arsenal, Shell, Princes Trust, NHS, Connexions and the local Council.

For me design is not just a piece of art, rather it needs to be functional, practical, which needs to be perfect, every mark has to have a purpose. Each individual element of your design should be necessary, not indulgent.

Before I embark upon any projects (design) I scrutinise the brief, understanding brands strength and weakness, company ethos and audience, competitors and current market, ensuring I meet every businesses objective, which needs to connect with the desired audience creating an outcome that surpasses company expectations.

If you are starting a project, new business or need to talk to someone for honest advice, then give me a shout!