Design concept ideas for
The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Initial concept ideas designed for UCL which was centred around student achievement and focusing on their native countries. The design reflects the outstanding personalities who bring change and benefit to their communities.


Design idea for MSc Social Development Practice

Design idea for MSc Social Development Practice

Design idea for inner page layouts

Mock-ups for print marketing materials

Examples for Social media advertisement

Examples for Social media advertisement

Please note, images used on this document are purely for layout purposes only and is not used for commercial marketing.

My presentation at Softbox Exhibition 2018

It was a privilege to be invited to present some of my work at Softbox Exhibition, a special evening to showcase some of the creative works of Designers, Photographers & Videographers. My presentation was on understanding branding, usage of typography and layouts.

Some interesting questions were asked about images and layouts and how they fit together. I explained the importance of understanding composition, atmosphere and how typography is the the visual art of creating written words.

I really enjoyed the evening being amongst inspiring creative people!

Here are some of the work that I presented….